Our Portable Evacuation Fans can be used for a number of reasons and is an ideal choice for removing undesirable fumes, dust and gases. Evacuate paint fumes, air out rooms by circulating the air, evacuate dust from renovations, evacuate smoke from welding, or use it to ventilate or dry out wet areas.  Built with sturdy construction and a fully balanced heavy cast aluminum curved cyclone 6 blade fan for high efficiency, that has been oven baked powder coated for long lasting performance and corrosion protection. Explosion proof sealed motor assembly.  The motor assembly is a cast aluminum structure with cooling fins to dispel heat.  Perfect for painting, construction dry wall, auto body work, welding or any area that needs fumes or dust to be evacuated.  Provides a safer and healthier work environment.  It is portable and practical for use in any shop or home.

We offer 3 different sized units, each coming with 16 feet of evacuation ducting that is constructed from waterproof vinyl and is nylon reinforced and designed for maximum air flow. The duct has a rubber encased coil steel frame for durability and coiling convenience for moving and storage. 

The Evacuator 9

The Evacuator 11

The Evacuator 13