We are now happy to offer our new Custom Ultra Extreme Electric Fan Kits for your ultra cooling needs.  These kits incorporate our FFD Electric fans with Hand Built, Custom Billet Shrouds for Specific Vehicles.  All our kits are made to order for each specific application.  These kits are designed to maximize cooling efficiency by using more of the radiator and lifting the fans off of the core, keeping the RPM at max speed and the motor on the fans cooler, thus eliminating all high pressure spots.

All custom vehicle applications will include our temperature control module(s), all relays, fuses and wiring.  Our temperature control modules are fully adjustable.  You set the fan(s) to come on at the specific temperature.  Most off our modules come with A/C circuit that brings the fan(s) on automatically once the air conditioning is turned on (this feature is not available for all systems however).  The relays and fuses are removable and replaceable. 

And of course our Electric Fans come with our Lifetime Warranty.

All of our kits come with installation instructions.



We here at FFD are now introducing our custom line for Classic Vehicles.  Each kit is custom for each customer, ensuring proper cooling for each specific vehicle.  We do not have 1 kit to cool all Classic Cars, efficient cooling doesn't work that way.  Universal kits are not the way to go when you want to properly and efficiently cool your vehicle.  Each individual vehicle is unique, from engine size, to modifications, to gear ratios, to outside temperature, altitude etc.  We take every aspect into consideration when putting together a system to cool a vehicles needs. 
We use the most efficient fan set up that will not burden your electrical system like some other e-fans on the market.  We know that older vehicles do not have the best electrical systems.  Yet, other companies don't take that into consideration and sell products that draw over 30 amps, which is ridiculous.   We will provide you with our best possible cooling fan at the lowest possible amp draw, most will come in at around 10 amps for the entire set up (depending on your specific vehicle).  We take all factors into the designing of our kits and the electrical system will not be overlooked when we put together a kit for you and we will bring you up to date in cooling with our efficient technology.
Your vehicle will also be rid of the heavy factory fan.  By removing the factory fan you are taking over 30 pounds of weight off of your front end.  Our fans are some of the most light weight fans on the market because of our Nylaglass Torch Red Cages and Blades.  Our blades are precision pitched are fully balanced with an "S" curve to insure minimal noise and a long life of cool CYCLONE blowing operation.
Also by removing the weight of the factory fan you are now relieving stress.  The early vehicles out there use a factory fan that gets attached directly to the engine, therefore every second your engine is running it is spinning the fan, whether it be driving or idling.  Our systems are designed to come on only when needed and, for most vehicles, will only run for about 2 minutes to bring the temp down.   Yes, they are that good. 
And finally by removing the weight of the factory fan you have just freed up almost 30-40hp on some of the older vehicles.  Being how the fan is attached directly to the engine, the power to spin those 30 pounds is coming directly from the engine.  By removing the factory fan, the engine will now have all that power back, adding 30-40HP to what you had before.  
Once you remove your factory fan, not only will your engine be happy, but your water pump  will thank you too as almost all stress is relieved and water pump failure will be a non issue after the conversion.  And those of you who are still running the factory fan know how many times you have had to replace your water pump because of the stress that fan put on it.  With our set up, those days will virtually be over.
Some vehicles will require a semi shroud system, we have designed our shroud systems so that only enough of the radiator is covered and not completely blocked.  By designing them this way our kits will provide maximum cooling and maximum fan efficiency but they will not block all the airflow that occurs during highway speed driving and will not create any high pressure spots.  All of our 100% aluminum shrouds are hand formed and TIG welded specifically for each customer's vehicle.

Each system will also be fully adjustable as far as temperature settings.  Our thermostatic temperature control module will allow you to dial in the temperature you want your fans to turn on at with a simple twist of the tuning tool we provide with our systems.  You will have full control of the temperature at which the fans will turn on. 
Weekend Racers, simply use our tuning tool and dial the temp in at around 160 for a cooler running engine and a cooler running engine means a faster quarter mile time.  A cooler running engine will have colder air and colder air is denser, meaning you get more air in each combustion cycle.  More air equals more power.  This low setting is not recommended for street use, track runs only.
MPG Freaks, simply use our tuning tool and dial the temp in between 200-210.  Hotter running engine is a more efficient running engine, and a more efficient running engine means better fuel consumption. 
We've got you covered in every direction with our carefully thought out and designed systems.  You won't be getting a kit that we just pull off of the shelf and box up, you'll be getting a custom set up made specifically for YOUR vehicles needs.
If you want to cool your classic baby the right way contact us and include the following information:
Year, Make, Model
Engine Size
With or Without A/C
List all Modifications
Rear End Gearing
Zip Code
After we receive this information our technicians will go to work, calculate and determine what the best and most efficient way is to go about cooling your classic vehicle.  Some other information may be required, as we already stated, each customer's vehicle is unique.
And of course our Electric Fans come with our Lifetime Warranty.

All of our kits come with  installation instructions.