Up until now, we have been staying away from major internet sales (with the exception of an single ebay seller and a single amazon seller, both of which know our systems).  Keeping it mainly with brick and mortar, land based mom and pop auto performance and repair shops, to keep our products first rate and installed by shops who know our product, that are honest shops who can give a personalized touch.  However, now we are looking to finally expand into the internet, but we don't want to mass market out products to any and every online retailer that wants to sell it, because we believe that will just hurt the brand in the long run.  How can a retailer like amazon explain and sell you the correct system you will need for your vehicle when they have not installed it and they don't know anything about it?  This is where people end up with problems so we are not looking to go that route.

Instead, we are looking to put this into the hands of shade-tree mechanics who work on vehicles and also get on the forums and enjoy helping other members out.  To us, there is no better agent we can look for.  So, we are looking for a few good people who like chatting on forums, who know there way around forums and are good upstanding members of said forums.  People that love to work on there vehicles and would love to make some good extra real cash for doing pretty much what they love, helping people, working on cars and talking on forums.

The idea behind what we are looking to do it this: 1 person per forum will become a independent internet forum sales agent for FFD.  They will learn about the FFD products that pertains to that group of vehicles that forums covers.  After learning the in and outs of the systems and the installs, they will be able to help other forums members to buy the correct system they will need for there car or truck and answer any questions about the system.  They will be able to handle any tech or install questions to other forums members who need help in that area.  This forum agent will also have a direct number to a tech and sales line which can handle any questions or details the agent needs help with so he can better direct and help the other forums members.

You won't have to setup any bank account, get a business permit, rent a warehouse to stock our products or ship our products or anything like that.  We will handle the sales, the building, the shipping, the stocking, the packaging and the paperwork and the warranty.

The same forum you chat on every night will be your forum you will handle.  You must have a vehicle that pertains to that forum.  You will have to install an FFD fan conversion system in your vehicle, learn everything about the system and what is does.  Take pictures of your install, and know all the benefits it gave you after you installed it.  Then you will go on your forum and show and tell people about your system and what the benefits are.  If anyone has questions on the forum, you will explain and help them decide which system they need for the type vehicle and work they do.  You will walk them through what they need and if they decide they want a system you will direct them to us with an order number and we will send them an invoice for the system they need and give them an options for payment and handle it from there.  Their system will be shipped out within 2 business days, at which time we will send them a tracking number on there order and let them know when there system will be arriving.  Also at this time, we will instruct you that (example)"""" ted from your forum"""" just bought such and such system and he will have it in 3 days, please follow up with him and handle any questions about his install he might have and help him through any help he needs.

Once his system is installed, you will follow up with us letting us know how everything went and then we will issue you 1 credit for that system sold and handled by you.  Each credit has a cash payment value of 10-12% of the cost of the system, so if a system costs $299.99 your payment for that sale could be $36.00*.  If a member needed a full size diesel extreme system stage 3 at the price of $449.00, the payment to you could be $54.00*  on that sale.  So as you can see, a sales agent, depending on the forum type and size, could sell 3 - 5 systems a week for a small forum with 10,000 thousand members or on large forums with over 100,000 members could sell 10 - 20 systems a week.  Now if this agent is extremely good and he is on multiple forums we can approve him for more then 1 forum if we feel he can handle it and still give everyone the same help without being overloaded.  So if an agent handles 2 forums and sells 20 kits a week between both forums and the kits average price is $325.00, this agent could be making $780.00* cash per week for his sales and help, not too hard to understand that for the right people, this could be a serious life changing move and could help out a lot with this tight economy.  We are also open to giving forum agents the power to extend an additional discount to forum members, at their discretion, to facilitate sales and get you rolling.

We are not willing to give just anyone the ok to run a forum and be a sales agent for FFD.  You must submit and fill out an application, we must check you out on the forum you are asking to handle and we must talk with you in depth about vehicles to the point we are confident you are the type person we want representing us and helping others with our products.  Each forum will be ran just like how we run our brick and more dealers,1 sales agent per forum.  Once you submit the application and we decide you are ok to handle the forum you asked for, then that forum will become yours and then no one else will sell on that forum, it's just like dealer protection on our brick and mortar dealers which is no other store with 50 miles radius, well forums will be the same,1 sales agent per forum section (a single agent may have multiple forums to handle if we give permission).

If at any time we see or get complaints about you, that you are not helping people or your posts are not in the manner we expect from you, then we will have the right to review your case, ask about the incident and if we feel the need we will pull your forum and remove you as our agent.

We do not want any high pressured sales tactics.  We believe and have lived by the theory, that word of mouth from past buyers will sell these systems faster then any sales pitch out there.  Once a system is installed and the benefits are seen then its a no brainer, better gas mileage, ice cold a/c in traffic, quieter running engine, smoother running engine, more pep off the line that is felt, much crisper throttle response, quicker warm up for almost instant heat in winter, no more water pump failure, ect ect and who better to explain all this then someone who already bought the system and has no reason to lie, yup the customer!  An improvement of just 1 mpg increase could pay for this system in the first year.  A water pump repair would cost well over the price of a kit.  A/C service costs $150.00 and is not needed with FFD systems.  Once you feel how cold the a/c is with the FFD electric fan system, you will wonder why no one told you about this sooner.  There are way to many reasons why these system are the best dollar for dollar upgrade of any other there.  You will get better results across the board from an FFD fan conversion system then you will from an cold air intake. You will get better results from an FFD fan conversion system then you will from an aftermarket muffler.  Our products sell themselves, you just need to help them decide which system would be right for them and help them through the install if they have a questions or run into a problem.  Pretty much the same thing you do on the forums now except now you will be paid for it and you will be an extension of us.

We care about our reputation and our brand name, which is why we won't sell to just any retail store.  Our dealers are hand picked, we warranty our fans for life and we pride ourselves on helping our buyers and dealers as much as we can.  So anyone who becomes our agent also must believe in our product and must be willing to extend a helping hand when needed and must always be polite and handle people with respect.

Think you got what it takes?  Got a forum your on every night?  4000 posts under your forum name?  Love working on cars and talking about upgrades you have done?  Are you polite and people friendly?  Well if these fit you, then click here to send us an email.  And let's start making money!

* credit value at 12% (credit value will be between 10-12%)