FF DYNAMICS proudly presents the release of our new CYCLONE ULTRA ELECTRIC COOLING FANS

Our Cyclone Ultra high performance S-Blade quite electric cooling fans are unmatched in performance and design.  No where else will you find the hot look of TORCH RED caged fans with the high performance to back it up.  Our fans are the only way to go if you want cool engines while your burning the rubber.

The FFD Cyclone Ultra Cooling Fans have been tested and pushed to the limit over and over again by our techs to get them just right for maximum performance and operation.  They have custom, reinforced, torch red cages with precision pitched curved S-blades for maximum CFM.

Our motors have high torque twin ball bearing motors that pull less amps than the factory electric fan assemblies, relieving stress on the alternator and electrical system,  providing more cooling and less weight.  You will save weight off the front of the car with our High Performance Cooling Setups depending on your model vehicle - (Single or Dual Depending on application).  And that is just for our Cyclone Ultra FFD Fans that are available in size 10, 12, 14 and 16.

Now for the cream of the crop.  We have the Motor Of All Motors on our CYCLONE ULTRA FFD3600.  This is the beast of cooling.  You want CFM, you found it, total ULTRA cooling right here.

The FFD Cyclone fan
 blades are fully balanced with an S curve to insure minimal noise and a long life of cool CYCLONE blowing operation. All our fans are reversible to not only work as pullers, but pushers as well if needed.  However, all are shipped as pullers.  If requested, we can set them up as pushers for you prior to shipping.

Twin Ball Bearing Motors


Nylaglass Torch Red Cage

Nylaglass Fully Computer Balanced Blades

FFD7 - 7" Ultra Electric Cooling Fan
FFD8 - 8" Ultra Electric Cooling Fan
FFD10 - 10" Ultra Electric Cooling Fan
FFD12 - 12" Ultra Electric Cooling Fan
FFD14 - 14" Ultra Electric Cooling Fan
FFD16 - 16" Ultra Electric Cooling Fan
FFD3600 - 16" 3600 CFM Ultra Electric Cooling Fan

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