Bronco II 1985-1990


1985-1990 Ford Bronco II
(For daily driver  ~  If you tow, do any snow plowing or have a modified vehicle Contact us for information on our Extreme System.)   

Cyclone Ultra Electric Cooling Fan

  • Low Drag Cyclone Blades w/ a 3600 Total CFM Rating
  • Low Amp Draw of 16 Amps at Full Speed 
  • Improved Gas Mileage and Horsepower by Removing the Factory Clutch Driven Fan System
  • Reduces Stress on the Engine and Extends Water Pump Life
  • Air Conditioning will Blow Colder
  • Strong, Durable Nylaglass Torch Red Cage
  • Strong, Durable Nylaglass Balance Curved "S" Cyclone Blades
  • Sealed Weatherproof Motor with Twin Ball Bearings
  • Lifetime Warranty

Fully Adjustable Thermostatic Control Module*

  • Set the Fan to Come on at the Specified Temperature of Your Choosing from 125 degrees to 230 degrees
  • Encased Fuse for Full Protection
  • Removable and Replaceable Relay
  • Sealed and Weatherproof Unit
  • Color Coded Wiring for Easy Installation

Mounting Installation Kits

  • 4 Mounting Feet that Attach to the Fan Cage
  • 4 Nylon Mounting Straps to Keep the Fan as  Close to the Radiator as Possible for More Efficient Cooling and Better Performance
  • 4 High Temperature Silicone Shock Rings to Protect the Radiator Fins
  • 4 Lock Discs to Secure Everything in Place

For this vehicle that tows or plows you will need the Extreme Fan Kit