Control Module (Ext Dual Fan)


ELECTRONIC THERMOSTATIC COOLING FAN CONTROL MODULE*  Ext Dual fan controller with separate secondary fan relay harness.  For use with our FFD14 or FFD16" fans.

This fully adjustable electronic thermostatic cooling fan control module with air conditioning circuit will allow you to adjust your fans to turn on at any temperature between 125 and 230 degrees with the turn of a dial.  You decide the temp you want the fans to turn on at.  This controller will also allow the fans to be turned on automatically when the air conditioning is turned on.  This is fully fused and short circuit protected.  Very simple hook up, less than 1 hour for people with basic automotive skills.  Temperature hook up has a slide through radiator probe or a micro brass screw in sensor.  All wires are color coded so the directions are as simple as possible.

Comes with Control Module Assembly with relay and fuse, secondary fan relay harness and fuse holder with fuse for secondary fan relay harness, two types of temperature sensors, tuning tool and mounting hardware.

**CAUTION: When you receive your control module and go to adjust the POT.  Be sure to turn the POT dial SLOWLY & GENTLY.  When you reach the end of the POT dial in either direction - STOP - Do Not Force it any further as this will strip the POT.  Stripped POTs ARE NOT covered under warranty.  All control modules are checked before they leave our warehouse for full range function.  This system will not work with our FFD3600 fans, you need to contact us if you need a controller for the FFD3600 fan.