Suburban/C&K Series 1981-2004 (28" Core)


1981-2004 Chevy Suburban, C&K Series with the 28" Radiator Core & SBC Engines
(For daily driver  ~  If you tow, do any snow plowing or have a modified vehicle Contact us for information on our Extreme System.)   

Twin Cyclone Ultra Electric Cooling Fans*

  • Low Drag Cyclone Blades w/ a 5200 Total CFM Rating
  • Low Amp Draw of 9 Amps Per Fan at Full Speed 
  • Improved Gas Mileage and Horsepower by Removing the Factory Clutch Driven Fan System
  • Reduces Stress on the Engine and Extends Water Pump Life
  • Air Conditioning will Blow Colder
  • Strong, Durable Nylaglass Torch Red Cages
  • Strong, Durable Nylaglass Balance Curved "S" Cyclone Blades
  • Sealed Weatherproof Motors with Twin Ball Bearings
  • Lifetime Warranty
 Fully Adjustable Thermostatic Control Module*
  • Set the Fans to Come on at the Specified Temperature of Your Choosing from 140 degrees to 250 degrees
  • A/C Circuit that Brings the Fans on Automatically Once the Air Conditioning is Turned on Encased Fuse for Full Protection
  • Removable and Replaceable Relay
  • Sealed and Weatherproof Unit
  • Color Coded Wiring for Easy Installation
 Mounting Installation Kits
  • 4 Mounting Feet (per fan) that Attach to the Fan Cage
  • 4 Nylon Mounting Straps (per fan) to Keep the Fan as  Close to the Radiator as Possible for More Efficient Cooling and Better Performance
  • 4 High Temperature Silicone Shock Rings (per fan) to Protect the Radiator Fins
  • 4 Lock Discs (per fan) to Secure Everything in Place

*Be sure you measure your radiator core prior to purchasing.  Radiator core is the finned area only and does not include the end tanks.

For this vehicle that tows or plows you will need the Extreme Fan Kit